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Under the Covers with Eve


Let's Discuss...

In this discussion series, I tackle some controversial subjects, give you some history and background, and provide some food for thought in the area of sexuality, love, and how men and women relate to each other. By Eve's Garden Audios.

*Not all episodes are included here, if you'd like to check out the full series, please visit Eraudica*

Episode 1 - Sexiness


Come get cozy with me while I discuss a different topic with you each week, all just my thoughts and ideas. I'll try to keep it to areas surrounding sex, love, relationships, but I can't promise!

Episode 2 - Romance Novels (AKA Sex Manuals)


This one is a bit of ramble about something you've probably never given too much thought - romance novels. But in my opinion, since these books are insanely popular with women, it's worth reading one or two to find out what women want from sex and love.

You would be surprised at how graphically sexual modern romance novels are, and you might be surprised at why they are so popular with a lot of women.

As always, these are just my insights and opinions, take them for what they're worth. :D

Episode 3 - Body Image


In this episode I present some insights into the whole "media and body image" thing - just some things to think about. And a homework assignment too!

Episode 4 - Visualizing the Love and Sex You Want


In Episode 4, I talk about visualizing the love and sex (and anything else) you want. And along the way I talk about:

  • The Secret

  • Abraham Hicks

  • Jim Carrey!

  • Creative Visualization

  • Hope vs Patience

Episode 5 - The Renaissance of You


This week I follow up on last week's talk about visualization, this time focusing on the 'you' part of your dreams and desires. I think most of us need permission to invest in ourselves a little.

Episode 6 - You're Not a Virgin (You Just Think You Are)

In this week's episode, I discuss a subject that has come up a lot lately - virginity. And while I have done several virginity-themed audios and an Ask Eve about it, but here are few more thoughts that I'd like to share with you. For instance:

  • There is nothing wrong with not having had sex yet

  • How 'virgin' only applies to women

  • Why you shouldn't label yourself

  • Why you shouldn't define yourself by something you haven't experienced

  • Why you're not a virgin - you just think you are

Episode 9 - Depression

In this week's episode, I talk about:

  • what depression is, and what it isn't

  • what anti-depressant medication is, and how it works

  • other options for treating depression

  • how it impacts your self-view

  • ideas for getting past it


I want to stress, I am not a medical doctor and this isn't medical advice. Please see your doctor if you think you might be depressed.

Episode 10 - Oblivious (Picking Up on Signals from Women)


If you truly knew the number of times women have lobbed serious hints in the direction of their objects of desire...only to have them sail right over the guy's head...

Oh, it's enough to make you cry.

Tonight I discuss the ways in which women often signal their interest in men - the top 12 signs you have to look for!

Episode 17 - Beauty


This week's episode follows up a point that I raised in another episode, something that encouraged a lot of my listeners to respond to - hitting on the hottie. I wanted to clarify some thoughts on that, and talk a bit about my thoughts on beauty in general.

Episode 18 - Awaken Your Sexual Self


I want to help you awaken your sexual self, and help you reconnect with your physical self and your sexual needs. Here are some ideas and thoughts about how to unlock that part of you that you might have been neglecting.

Episode 19 - Porn Addiction


This episode is just some thoughts on the complex subject of porn addiction - what it isn't, what it might be, and some general thoughts.

Episode 25 - Loneliness


This week I discuss loneliness in general - this isn’t a soothing audio, you can check out my Sweet Nothings and other audios for that - this is just a general discussion about the condition of loneliness, what might cause it, and some things you can do about it.

Episode 31 - Shyness

I chose to 'tell it like it is' in this episode, because, frankly, loving platitudes, hugs and kisses will not help you. They haven't helped you this far, right? I am not being mean, I'm not trying to hurt you (does that sound like me?), and everything I talk about in this episode I have been through myself. I reveal more of myself to you than I probably should, but I do so to show you that I am just like you, and you are just like me and everyone else, and we can all learn from each other. I am simply giving you another way of taking an honest look at your life.

So I can't stress this enough - If you don't think you can handle hearing this, don't listen. This is for people who want to get over their shyness and improve their lives. If that isn't you, please don't bother listening.

Episode 32 - Dealing with Rejection


In this episode I talk about something we’ve all experienced- rejection. Here are some ideas you may not have considered about what rejection means, and how to deal with it.

Episode 33 - Late Bloomers


In this episode I discuss Late Bloomers, and give you some thoughts on how to appreciate not having achieved everything by the age of 20.

Episode 34 - The Male Gaze


In this episode I discuss the Male Gaze - where it comes from, what it might mean, and the only two situations in which it might need to be self-controlled.

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