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Eve's Guide for Regular Guys

A self-improvement guide for 'regular' guys...

Most advice series for men focus on working out, getting rich, getting laid. And most of them are written by men. This series is a woman's perspective on how 'regular guys' - those men who won't want to wear an Armani suit and cufflinks, who won't likely ever have a six-pack or a six-figure salary - can improve their daily lives, start taking care of themselves, and attract the love and sex they want. By Eve's Garden Audios.

Episode 1 - This is the first episode of a new series for Regular Guys - all about how to present your best self, how to attract women, how to find your passion and most of all, feel centered and comfortable in your own skin. This is for all guys - all shapes and sizes, ages, colours, creeds - all walks of life. This is for the average, wonderful, decent guy who wants to live a rewarding life and find love.

Episode 2 - This is your morning, the start of your are you going to treat yourself? Like someone you value? Like someone important? How you start your day can set the tone for the rest of your day. And since your days make up your life, it's important to start off right.

Episode 3 - In this episode I want to start building up your foundation...but slowly. Easily. With a couple of simple mental exercises that hopefully will help you to start seeing yourself in a different way.

Episode 4 - This week I talk about how to spruce up your closet and start working on improving your wardrobe - but as always, it's easy, laid-back and without pressure. Links to sites I mentioned can be found on

Episode 5 - This week I talk about two specific things - the life you thought you'd have by now, and how to start making what you want real.

Episode 6 - This week I discuss grooming specifically to make yourself more attractive to the ladies. Little things you can do that you might not have even thought of. But we're paying attention, I promise :P.

Episode 7 - In this episode I give you some thoughts on what I believe is the main key to attracting women.

Episode 8 - It's time to talk about your clothes - in particular the type, style and colours you wear, and why it's important to make a good first impression even while being comfortable. Links to images can be found on

Episode 9 - In this episode I go through things like commenting on posts by women on social media/other places, contacting women who offer professional sexual services or content, and skyping during a new relationship. I also give you some suggestions for how to get more comfortable conversing with women (and men) online.

Episode 10 - This episode focuses on some daily routine things you can do to help improve your well being and confidence and make yourself more attractive in the truest sense of the word - attracting people, including women, to you. Links mentioned can be found on

Episode 11 - This episode is about figuring out your own moral code and developing your own general philosophy of life, and why it's so important when it comes to finding a lasting relationship.

Episode 12 - In this episode I talk a little about money's meaning and value in your life, and how changing the way you think about will improve your experience with it, and your life in general.

Episode 13 - Dating isn't easy for anyone - everyone is nervous on a first date, and that includes the person you're going out with. Here's some simple advice on how to prepare for a date, what to do and talk about during it, and how to handle the kiss goodnight.

Episode 14 - Well that's a hell of a statement, isn't it! Okay, I can't promise you'll fully understand women after listening - but I do talk about a few general differences between men and how you can learn to interact better with women.

Episode 15 - If you’re looking for a relationship, and if like most men you enjoy porn, you may be concerned about what this says about your character or your attitude towards women. If you’ve ever experienced shame or guilt over watching porn, or if you’re concerned about whether porn can ever be ethical (or what that even means), this episode is for you.

Episode 16 - We know change is good for us, but we're terrified to do it. I'm no different, but I have been able to make some significant changes in my life (going vegetarian, moving to a different country to name but two), and so I know it can be rewarding when you do.

Episode 17 - In this episode I talk about:The difference between friendship and "The Friend Zone". Why many women aren’t too eager for "Friends With Benefits", etc. Why you shouldn’t remain in anyone’s Friend Zone. What to do if you are in the FZ - and more.

Special episodes on Eraudica

Episode 18 - Creepiness -  6 women's opinions on what is creepy

Episodes 19 & 20 - The Interviews - Interviews with men who have been helped by this series

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