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"Eve, can I ask your advice about..."

Although I'm not a medical doctor or trained therapist, sometimes listeners come to me with specific questions of a more technical nature. In this series, I try to answer these questions in an easily understandable way. Keep in mind that these audios do deal with sexuality, so they should be considered NSFW.

The "Size" Episode

A lot of guys are concerned about their size - about whether it really matters to women, and whether there's anything they can do about it. In this episode I address these concerns, and talk about anatomy, women's anatomy, the myths of penis englargement and much more.

The "Size" Episode - Eve's Garden
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On Virginity

A lot of young men in particular are extremely worried about being a virgin. In this episode, I discuss virginity for both sexes, and provide some medical facts you might not know. I also provide some insight into why I believe the term 'virgin' doesn't really apply to people in the modern age.

Virginity - Eve's Garden
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About Orgasming

It's not a subject you hear discussed very often outside of porn, but it's nevertheless a subject of real concern for young men especially. Can you increase the volume? Can you do anything about the flavour? Is it possible to have an orgasm hands-free? I answer these questions and more.

All About the Orgasm - Eve's Garden
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All About Porn - Part 1

Almost everyone has watched porn, and a lot of young people are habitual porn users. Which is why it's important to understand the truth behind the industry. In part one I begin the discussion about the business of sex.

The Porn Episode - Part 1 - Eve's Garden
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All About Porn - Part 2

In part two I answer more listener questions such as: "Why is porn so soulless? What about porn addiction? How do you involve your partner in enjoying porn? And many more.

The Porn Episode - Part 2 - Eve's Garden
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What it Feels Like for a Girl - Part 1

Who better to tell guys what women think about sex than women themselves? For this two-part series I recruited six lovely erotic audio performers to answer some questions about their experience with sex.

What It Feels Like For a Girl - Eve's Garden
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What it Feels Like for a Girl - Part 2

The ladies provided such in-depth answers that I had to divide this episode into two parts. But their responses about what they like and don't like and how sex feels for women are definitely worth a listen.

What it Feels Like for a Girl - Part 2 - Eve's Garden
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What's Going on With Periods? - Eve's Garden
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Periods - What the Hell is Going On?

Most people - women included - have very little understanding of what's going on with menstrual periods. We know they're involved in reproduction, and if you miss your period you might be pregnant, but that's usually about it. In this episode I explain what the hell is going on.

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